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Jeff A. Lexvold 

CEO Lexvold Enterprises, LLC

FL State Licensed Certified Residential Contractor 


Growing up on a rural farm in southern Minnesota, Jeff learned at an early age the true meaning of hard work and diligence on the details thanks to his dad.  For nearly two decades, Jeff worked on a construction crew where he gained the experience and knowledge he needed to venture out into the home renovation industry.  He has personally worked on and help renovate over 1,000 homes prior to moving to Florida with his wife Dori in 2013. 

Jeff and Dori have two grown and married sons who still love the Minnesota winters and are new grandparents to twin boys.   Jeff typically works a six day week, but you won't find him working on Sundays.  Jeff and his family take this one day a week to spend time with each other and worship at New Day Christian Church in Port Charlotte where Jeff serves on the Safety and Service Team.  When you hire Tropic Handyman Services, the quality of work will not only be superb but 10% of profits go back into the local community through church ministry initiatives and the globe by supporting two students in Compassion, International and World Vision.   

You will typically see Jeff in a tropical button down shirt and shorts, as a tribute to his dad and best friend, Dewey, who passed away in September, 2015.  Dewey was always 'IN' the tropics even when living in MN.

Name of Person


Made up of extremely skilled employees wearing tropical attire, these renovation specialists with years of experience are trained in attending to detail.  Hire 'Team Tropic' and you won't want anyone else at your home when remodeling upgrades are done or simple 'honey-do' lists need attending to.  We have it covered!! 

Give us a call, you will be glad you did!

The Tropic Truck

If you see the "Dewey" bird, it's Jeff in the Tropic Truck!  If you see these signs driving around town it's someone from the Team Tropic, so wave "Hi!"....  

Pappa Dewey

Meet the man behind the whole tropic theme....my dad Duane, or better known as "Dewey".  Growing up in Minnesota, dad was probably the only guy wearing a Hawaiian tropical shirt even when it was below zero degrees.  Prior to his passing away while he lived here with Jeff and Dori, he had a major role to play in what the company would be named and the theme.  So, Dewey is much alive as we go out, many even wearing his shirts today.